Tempuralicious veg ie Pumpkin,Kumara,Cauli,broc,mushroom etc cooked in a spicy crispy   GF tempura and served with a Super green Avocado dressing,

Bunta Taco-corn tortiila filled with Hummus,salad,tempura veg and roasted corn and black bean salsa and avo dressing.

Bowl of goodness-a tasty salad-different everyday ie Quinoa and brown rice salad with tamari dressing or Carrot,beetroot,rocket and seeds with tahinni dressing.Tempuralicious veg,Handmade organic hummus and corn chips.All served in a bowl or in a wrap.

All Day/Night Laksa-a spicy pumpkin and coconut laksa with rice noodles,veg and condiments.

all our food is Vegan and GF