Gareth Lamb

Gareth Lamb 'Ananda' is a Zenthai Shiatsu therapist and zenthai flow yoga teacher.

Zenthai Shiatsu is an integration of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathic technique, underpinned by the five elements and twelve meridian len’s of Chinese medicine.

Formally trained in Australia and Bali under founder Gwyn Williams, Ananda's comprehensive offerings include movement-based therapy, remedial gestures and acupressure point work.

Sessions can incorporate flying therapeutics, moxa, cupping, lifestyle support and yoga asana advice that simply allows a deeper conversation and connection for the healing process to unfold.

After 15 years of practising various forms of yoga and extensive training locally and internationally, Ananda believes that this modality, with its simple intention of 'letting go' of the fixations that bind us in pain or limited movement, can move us into a new harmonious, un-fixated freedom

Fluidity, Totality and Heartfulness....Divinity.