Wolf Fearn

Human Movement Specialist, Movement Coach, Movement and Massage Therapist, and Energy Healer Wolf Fearn is on a mission to change how our species Moves and views Movement. His expertise has seen him help hundreds of humans climb out of boxes the conventional medical system has left them in with no help, freeing them of pain and guiding them to Rediscover the Freedom of Movement. He also has a passion for Movement across the sporting world, working with professional and semi-professional athletes across multiple codes. You'll also find him upside-down standing on his hands more often than most people. With his main focus being sharing his healing system of movement: Movement Therapy, he also implements Myofascial Release Therapy and other massage techniques, Reiki, Theta Energy Healing, and Shamanic Practices and also gives Nutritional and Naturopathic advice to bring people a holistic environment and powerful process to unlock their body's own healing ability.