Anirvan Deva DJ

North island
south island
Italy / NZ
Originally from Italy, Anirvan Deva moved to Aotearoa 12 years ago and over the years has become a cornerstone of the NZ’s ecstatic dance scene, yoga & alcohol free events & festivals such as Earth Beat, SolRise, NZ Spirit, Resolution, Revive, Evolve, Auckland's Vegan Food Festival...

Anirvan Deva is a DJ on the path of sharing mysticism with beats & deep frequencies. Rooted in the richness of diverse musical traditions, his sound crosses borders between world fusion, organic tribal downtempo & various tonalities of electronics with deep grooves, big bass and even mantras, making him one of the most versatile DJs on the scene.

Every fortnight on Wed (2-4PM) Anirvan Deva is live on Base FM with his radio show “Beneath The Surface”.