Brother Sister

North island
south island
Electro-pop whiz kids Brother Sister, channel their passion for the sound and style of throwback 80s culture into their uplifting blend of electro-driven synth pop.

A band of siblings, Brother Sister are an energetic trio that have shared a womb and now share the stage - featuring Dave Thomson (synth & lead vocals), Taz Thomson (bass and lead vocals) and Ben Thomson (drums).

Their sound unapologetically references the rich, nostalgic sounds of 80s cartoons and cinema, but with plenty of surprising flourishes to keep it fresh. Pulsing keyboards, programmed drums, driving bass and duelling melodic hooks are expertly blended to take listeners back to the future. Their live performances are fun, punchy and irresistibly danceable.

Their latest single Space is a synth driven anthem giving voice to all the introverts who might be struggling in this noisy world - with the refrain “I need some space… can I get some?” With a clear nod to 80s and 90s production, the track features vocoders, driving synth bass, sliding synth leads and slamming 80s drum samples. It’s a track that would easily find it’s home on a Stranger Things soundtrack.