Buster Caitcheon

New Zealand

Waiheke Island raised Buster Caitcheon is a young folk and soul singer-songwriter. He carries an infectious infatuation with life itself - which he pours into his sound in the form of live looped guitar licks, percussive rhythms and colourfully layered vocal harmonies. Buster is deeply passionate about promoting peace, unity and looking after our mother earth and her collective inhabitants. His lyrics come straight from the heart and are deeply rooted in these values. A qualified and practicing yoga instructor, Buster is as passionate about the inner world as he is the outer. Buster has spent many summers performing at local venues on Waiheke as well as touring the NZ festival circuit. He has performed at Luminate, NZ Spirit Festival, Prana, Biophilia, Kiwiburn, Voices of the Sacred Earth, Lovelake, The International Yoga Festival and many more.