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Crompy's music has drawn comparisons to Syd Barret, John Lennon, Lou Reid, Bowie, The Pretty Things, Eddie Vedder, Radiohead, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. This is all very flattering but Crompy is a man unto himself or a band depending on what suits. His debut album The Karmic Loo got a great review on Indie Music Album Reviews, and received attention when Swedish sensation Roxette shared his music video "Amy" on their Facebook page on their arrival in NZ for their first ever NZ concert with the words "Nice song. Thanks James C for showing us the way." His songs are quirky, unique, lyrical, psychedelic at times, melodic, with a sense of the unpredictable. There's a lot about love and life and they cross the spectrum into spirituality and philosophy with Crompy being the cosmic storyteller.