HAKA FOR WOMEN with Mihirangi

North island
south island
New Zealand

Be a part of a cultural journey with Mihirangi to:* Reveal the audacity of you as the brave heroine
* Discover your deep connection to representing your ancestral female lineage
* experience the traditional role of the Wahine Toa - female warrior Mihirangi is from a line of Tohunga Wahine women who were keepers of whakapapa, spiritual knowledge and healing. Experience the character, heart, and spirit through haka, a powerful warrior's dance. Learn the calls, actions, words, their history, meaning, traditions, kaupapa (protocols) and mana (power). No singing or dancing experience necessary. What is the Haka? The Maori haka has become known around the world as a war dance, performed only by men that challenges and intimidates their opponents. Women have their own haka. There are traditional and contemporary haka for many occasions from births to deaths, ridicule and courage, from grief to joy. Women's haka expresses the potency of indigenous tradition and sacredness .An experience of mana, the essence of power.