Jinetero MC

New Zealand

Yonier Cuevas Vega, AKA Jinetero MC from Musica Boom Boom, is a reggaeton/rapper singer from Cuba, who introduced reggaeton to New Zealand. Jinetero MC music blends reggaeton beats with a pinch of Kiwi groove. As an artist, Jinetero MC has performed at various festivals in New Zealand and Australia including Korunda Roots Festival, Parihaka, Phat, Splore, One Love, Soundsplash, Cuba Street Carnival, the Sevens Parade amongst many more. Jinetero MC also hosts a radio show on Base FM, "Boom Boom Selecta" on Tuesday afternoons, 4 to 6 pm. There he plays the latest selections of the fresh Latin beats, at times plays his own music and sings. Musically, he can offer an 8 piece band. He can also offer a DJ set with one percussionist, violin along with two dancers.