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-LoveRay- A Sound Healing Journey @ 432Hz

-LoveRay- return to NZ Spirit 2023, bringing their exctatic impromptu lounge looping to the stage with a full tribal band of drummers, percussionists & multi instrumentalists exploring sonic soundscapes that surprise and uplift. Bring on the crazy dance moves and launch thoughts into higher consciousness. A sound journey on steroids.

-LoveRay- explore songs from their album "Found In Space", quaint, quirky, and downright loopy covid lock-down recordings captured these last 2 years as the busy old world went so quiet and still.

-LoveRay- Always an unforgettable performance at NZSpirit Fest and Resolution, a journey to the deepest parts of space and time, a journey to places well beyond this mortal sphere of mud and stardust.