Raw Ordio

North island
south island
Blistering electronic bass driven grooves with world class live musicianship improvisation, ‘Raw Ordio’ have been gathering a reputation as one of the most exciting and entertaining live electronic acts to come out of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. In their first year they managed to make memorable & huge appearances at Elements Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Thrive festival, Under The Trees & Pranafest. The act have been repeatedly selling out their own shows up and down the QLD coast. The raw energy of this act is infectious and is evident as they send dance floors into ballistic frenzies where ever they perform.

The ‘Raw Ordio’ formula is deep electronic grooves with mashups of classic remixes. Crowds will sing along, then are drenched in the fatness of the signature ‘Raw Ordio’ sound keeping them coming back for more. ‘Raw Ordio’ DJ is DJ/Producer Brett Gadenne & as 'Raw Ordio' Live he is joined by the amazing talents of 'Andy V' on Sax & Keys, & the fire energy of 'Damian Campbell' on Percussion. The sound is phat & the act put on a show of improvised musicianship that is mind blowing. This is a must see live act.