Activate OM – Elevate Your Spirit

north island
north island
Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji -
Siddh Himalayan Yogi : Spiritual Scientist : Kundalini Master : Guru : Avatar : Global Influencer : Meditator : Orator : Writer
Workshop Description
Namaste dear friends,
Your soul’s call has been answered to accelerate your spiritual journey.
By activating OM, you ignite the power to self heal, transform and experience the Turiya (pure consciousness) state.

Only an enlightened Master has the power to share potent energy transmissions (shaktipat), creating a sacred spiritual experience.

Siddh Guru AikamJi will guide you to activate the deep primordial sound of OM, a process which you can then infuse into your daily meditation practice.

It is known, that merely by being in the divine presence of a God realised Master – AikamJi, the soul’s energy instantaneously begins to align with the Source.

As an ardent spiritual seeker, you have manifested this special lifetime opportunity….your soul will thank you for this….
KiaOra & Namaste
Workshop Description