Amadeus Diamond

New Zealand

My name is Amadeus Diamond. I run Psychedelics New Zealand and am a director for The Entheos Foundation. The former i have utilised for nearly a decade to raise awareness of, and the conversation around, Psychedelics in NZ. With the latter i hope to expand research and ultimately access to psychedelics in therapy and potentially affect policy change around psychedelics in NZ.

Workshop Description

In this session i will attempt to bridge the cultural gap between psychedelics in therapeutic science and psychedelics as used for millennia as tools of spiritual exploration. I will outline my view of the general history of psychedelic use (including brief update on current psychedelic science) culminating in a comparison of therapeutic and spiritual effects of Psychedelics.

This will then lead into a discussion on why psychedelics might be as effective as they are therapeutically and how a respectful look back at shamanic cultures may hold clues around how to integrate these substances into a largely damaged society. This would also leave some time for Q and A if anyone happened to have questions.

Workshop Description