Angela Mastronardi

New Zealand

I have been passionate about neuroscience and holistic approach to health since I was a teenager. 

My qualifications are:

- Bachelor Degree in Technique of Neurophysiology in 2010, in Italy at the University of Medicine and Surgery.  I am currently a member of Clinical Physiologists Registration Board of New Zealand and I have been working in Australia and in New Zealand (where I still practice at AKL City Hospital) as a Neurophysiological Technician, mainly focusing on Electroencephalograms.

- Practicing yoga since 2005, and becoming a Yoga Teacher in 2013,  in Rishikesh, India. I have been sharing and teaching yoga in several places and times in Italy, Australia and Aotearoa  (recently supporting the Social Yoga Auckland community offering classes).

Workshop Description

An understandable overlook with a neurophysiological approach on how Conscious Breathing can activate the self-healing mechanisms of the body, helping and supporting the improvement of health and well-being. A  journey into how  we can rewire our neurological pathways to build resilience.

The theoretical part will follow a practical session with effective breathing exercises to activate the  autonomic nervous system.

Workshop Description