Anneliese Kuegler

New Zealand

Teaching Yoga for coming up 20 years Anneliese is a wise and kind teacher. Her teaching lineage runs a feminine line to BKS Iynger and she upholds the wisdom of her lineage with pride and sincerity. She makes her students feel at ease and teaches to the level of the student.  Her personal 'Body university' has seen it all, so she comes equipped with compassion, empathy and a thorough understanding of your needs. Come join the curiosity team.

Workshop Description

If you missed Anneliese giving this presentation at Resolutions New years festival, here's another chance to experience the last workshop you'll ever need! This is a deep dive into the anatomy of the holistic human being.  This is simple and profound wisdom that unlocks the 'why' we are the way we are, and the 'how' to release limited belief patterns. How do we serve the essential blueprint of who we are?   Come and make space in your being with other beings, experience this fun presenter who delivers the goods with a comprehensive understanding of her content and a smile in her heart.

Workshop Description