Aren Bahia


Aren Bahia is a Canadian entrepreneur/philanthropist who's lived a "full spectrum life".  From organized crime in Vancouver to spiritual development in Asia, Aren's seen his world shift from the fast life of the rough part of town to meditation and yoga in the Himalayas where learned to live a life of generosity, connection, and compassion.  Since starting his life over in Bali in 2016, he's launched 4 businesses in 4 years and raised tens of thousands of dollars every year for underprivileged and mentally disabled Balinese children. He's the founder of Karma House Bali, Conscious Arts Tattoos, and a founding partner in YogiLab and Lotus Clan Properties. 

Aren's motto is that "Conscious business is the future, and being selfless is sexy!"

Workshop Description

Aren Bahia learned first hand that the importance of a healthy relationship with making money is underrated. So many of us have dealt with money being the cause of a lot of stress in our lives, but much like all stress, it's how we deal with it that counts. This workshop is geared towards mindfulness, our connection to money, and laughing our asses off. It took a few years of healing his relationship with money from Aren's colourful past while studying meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and conscious connection. During his journey he learned that having a growth mindset, ethical and alturistic operating policies, and a slightly gangster mentality to getting shit done is the key to abundance. And the key to being healthy and happy is laughter. We will be laughing, learning, and getting our heads around what real success looks like.

Workshop Description