Ayumi Gallagher

From living in the mountains of the Himalayas to the Zen temples of Kyoto, Ayumi has gathered together a basket of skills. These journeys and trainings have enabled her to offer a broad range of experiences tailored to unlock and illuminate the divine essence within us all through yoga, dance meditation and any other means necessary. She believes wholeheartedly that we are all unique instruments of Alchemy, alchemising our individual experience of life and expressing this into the world.

Workshop Description

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory, full body-mind transformational dance experience with the combined magic of DJ ISMOS, Sarsha Hope & Ayumi Gallagher. Explore ancient & tribal rhythms mixed with generative visual projection to move deeper still into the world of dance.Since time begun, the pulsating, spiraling, flowing and unfolding of the universe has danced all we know into creation. We are all children of the cosmic dance that came before us and all parents of what unfolds next. Let us come together and collectively dance into reality the next chapter of this story.

Workshop Description

Join Ayumi Gallagher & Olly Hart as we discover that within us all is subtle pulsing, swirling rhythm as our cells navigate the fluid body within and the gravitational play with out. This is our small dance, deep within the architecture of our bodies. In this workshop we will tune back into this divine movement and learn how to meet the small dance of another. Experiencing what it is like to share weight, find a new combined centre of gravity to create a unique small dance born from the connection of two beings in total flow, trust and deep listening.