Breath & Yoga Nidra

north island
north island
Marissa began her yoga journey 5 years ago while she was traveling in India. She loved yoga right from the start, exploring many different styles. She has immersed herself completely in yoga over the last coupIe years and attended several trainings qualifying herself in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra.
Now she is sharing the ancient wisdom from an embodied space to help others finding their centre by teaching yoga in group classes and in working one on one.
Workshop Description
Breath and meditation are a big part of a yoga practice but are easily overlooked in modern fast paced yoga. Just like in daily life it seems like we keep running around forgetting to slow down.

Because of this we are getting disconnect from ourselves. From our breath. Our life force energy. Constantly living in fight or flight mode.

Practicing awareness of the breath on the mat can help us recognise breathing patterns that are connected to behaviour in daily life.

The main focus of this workshop will be to slow down and to tune in with the breath by applying different techniques and asanas.

Using the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra to move the awareness from the external world to our inner world.
Workshop Description