Chris Walker


Chris Walker is grateful student and lover of yoga who shares his passion through teaching yoga around the world. He currently resides in Bali, and is blessed to call Radiantly Alive his home studio. Following an +11 year career in the corporate world in which many of his successes were heavily driven and based on society’s definition and image of success, the practice of yoga and subsequently teaching it saved his life. While only being slightly dramatic, it was ultimately a blocker to his journey towards his true self and self acceptance, and if you aren’t being you, are you even living?

Workshop Description

Yoga is union and not just any union but your union. So feel your breath, feel you body, and connect with your breath, and connect with your body. The feeling and this connection happen here in the present moment

Through this creative sequenced vinyasa masterclass, we will deepen our connection to asanas over time. We will then deepen our connection to the present moment by flowing through the sequence connecting movement to breath. As we repeat the flow, we will begin to drop all the verbal queues so that you can truly find your flow, connect to your yoga, your union, your flow. It may look like the one you just learned, or it may look like your version of it. Regardless, it is your flow in your pursuit to find your union, so drop the expectations and “Find Your Flow!”

Workshop Description