Chris Webber

New Zealand

Chris Webber is a musican, wellbeing practitioner and thought leader at the interface of western and indigenous Maori world views. Connecting the wairua of key Maori values and knowledge to the challenges of today – Chris is both a leader in several communities and director of NZs largest national non-Government organisation focussed on Maori wellbeing Te Rau Ora. Based at Rotorua and Kapiti Coast, he is an Ati Awa, Raukawa,Toarangatira (ART) descendant of Treaty signatory Te Rangihiroa.

Workshop Description

This Matauranga Maori (Maori knowledge) workshop will share three offerings from the space of tohunga (Maori experts):

​Tohunga - A meditation to music overlaid by the wisdom of ‘the last of the old school tohunga’. As a journalist Chris recorded these simple but powerful truths now incorporated into his workshops and practice for sharing with others.

Kohatu-tanga - The practice of kohatu (stones) is a hands-on opportunity to learn and develop one’s own use of special stones to hold life force and intention-based permanence – from te ao kohatu (the stone age) to the future.

The Pa Model – a cultural tool developed by Chris to retain and apply key Maori values and other important knowledge in an accessible way

There will be opportunities for discussion and questions to share and deepen each other’s understandings. Kohatu-tanga is the practice of holding (and sharing) important energies for a long time.

Workshop Description