Claire Eli

New Zealand

Claire is a movement, yoga, meditation and dance teacher. Her journey has sent her around the globe. Claire has and been fortunate enough to learn from many amazing teachers and mentors; teach in top studios, community centres, health & wellness retreats; and work with elite athletes, corporations, and people from all walks of life. Her experience has taken her to the UK, New York, South East Asia, Central America and Australasia. Her teaching is inspired by her study of yoga, hiphop dance, martial arts & meditation. In 2017 Claire created 'Still Movement' a workshop series which focuses on body awareness, balance, co-ordination and dance.

Workshop Description

This is a workshop that teaches people how to dance. Many people are scared of the dance-floor especially when they are sober! Still Movement combines principals of yoga, martial arts, street & partner dance to explore rhythm, co-ordination and musicality. It provides a safe space for participants tap into their authenticity and expression, establish body awareness and understand the healing the can occur through music and movement. Suitable for all levels… dancing off beat is welcome.

Workshop Description