Dan and Jenni

United Kingdom

Jenni and Dan Abdelnoor are a fun loving couple who ventured to Auckland from the UK 20 years ago and have been living here ever since. Jenni, a qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates practitioner moved into the field of energy medicine and holistic healing as a relationship alchemist a decade ago. Dan (better known as professional dog trainer Doggy Dan) has assisted in group work with both men and women bringing through his gift of love, sharing wisdom, holding space and sound. Together we look forward to sharing our collective gifts with you for the greater good of all of humanity.

Workshop Description

Using powerful Archetypes we invite you to adventure into the amazing and often hidden world of YOU...Magnify your foundation Archetype that you already know so well. Appreciate that this is NOT all of who you are! Then discover the magnificent aspects of yourself which are often hidden away or unknown. These Archetypes when animated and activated bring alight your personality and soul. As you integrate them into your true centre you harness the power that lies within you. Archetype embodiment turns you on to life. Making you more attractive and enjoyable to work colleagues, friends, family, to the opposite sex, and even to your long term partner. This workshop is an experiential workshop allowing you to FEEL the Archetypes, widen your bandwidth of self actualisation, and embody all of this into your life. This workshop is for Men and Women who want the magic.

Workshop Description