north island
north island
Naomi is an International Tantra Teacher, Love and Relationship Coach who believes in weaving love, consciousness and aliveness into everyday life. She is passionate about sharing transformative, empowering events that awaken people to their true essence and create deeper fulfillment in love, Intimacy, relationships and life.
Workshop Description
Do you desire to tap into the sacred when connecting with another? Do yearn to be seen from a place of reverence, respect and adoration.

During this workshop we will explore the energy of Devotion, while working with the archetypes of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva seen through the Tantric lens is the divine masculine and consciousness. Shakti is seen as the divine feminine and also as life force energy, or the dynamic aspect of the universe.

By embodying these energies and weaving it with a Devotional lens, experience profound relational experiences with yourself and others.
Workshop Description
Do you desire to awaken your subtle body and connect to the Chakras while connecting with others?

During this workshop we will explore the qualities of each chakra (energy vortexes in the body) and then activate them through different practices, such as Breathwork, Visualization, Mantra and Mudra.

This workshop will involve connective exercises with others in an elevated way.

Leave feeling balanced, alive and blissed out.