Dmitriy is a Thai massage therapist and bodywork practitioner. He is passionate about using a holistic approach to heal the physical body in connection with the emotional and spiritual body. Roughly three years ago he started to pursue an interest in massage and bodywork, got training in Thai massage, was doing body treatments for friends and at wellness festivals and learned a few bodywork techniques from experienced therapists. Wanting to dive deeper into the understanding of the connection between the mind and body, Dmitriy began immersing himself in different practices that expand our consciousness, such as Pranayama, Qi-gong, Shamanism and Yoga which then can take one to another level of understanding the self.

Workshop Description

Self sound healing with Jaw harp Jaw harp is one of the most ancient musical instruments, it was found in many ancient cultures around the world in different modifications. Vibrations made when playing a jaw harp can cause a state of light controllable trance, which is why jaw harps are widely used in shamanic practices. Traditionally it is considered that playing a jaw harp clears the mind, strengthens human vitality, and harmonises functions of internal organs.