Emka is a Contact Improvisation Dance teacher from Berlin where they held CI sessions since 2012 alongside many other places in Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America.

Emka joined the Auroville foundation in India as a resident CI teacher in 2017 for two years alongside planting trees to reforest the bio-region.

Emka is deeply involved in spreading compassion through Non-Violent Communication and to work on creating human-nature ecosystems.

Workshop Description

In the workshop we will find a spiritual connection to nature, a connection to all living beings.

We can feel that nature is a living entity that communicates with us, that receives our messages. And that we as humans are all part of it. In the dance sessions we will connect with the movements of our Earth. A spacial exploration, through sensing, touching, moving and being touched and moved. We will transcend from the connection to Earth to the connection with human beings.

How does it feel to lean against a tree, lie in the grass or to smell the scents of the forest? And how does it feel in comparison to our everyday lives?

We will go out of the workshop with an understanding of our spiritual selves. What nourishes our souls and how to bring that into our lives with movement, connection and dance.

Workshop Description