Fabian Low

New Zealand

Fabian is driven towards building healthy communities with authentic and value-driven people. As a holistic wellness practitioner, he approaches physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in a balanced way. 

Drawing from his own experience and struggles, Fabian studies and seeks to understand the unique problems that men face. Motivated by the lack of awareness in society, he is passionate about creating spaces so these challenges can be shared in a non-judgmental way. The goal is not just to curb male suicide but to help men realize their authentic effectiveness to serve the community meaningfully around them.

Workshop Description

Men are reminded of their privilege in society. Despite that, are men actually doing that well? Men have quietly endured sacrifices like competitive work stress, higher workplace injuries and risking their lives. And parental roles are shifting. Dating roles are confusing. With terms like ‘toxic masculinity’ shaming men, how can men develop in a positive way?

We all agree that in human society, the needs of children and women take higher priority over men. But men are humans too. Men are vulnerable. But it is extremely hard for men to speak up - because it is taboo for men to whine or to be seen as needy. Men dismiss their own mental health and that leads to shockingly high suicide rates.

In this circle, we will explore the unique problems that men as a group face - and steps men can take to overcome them. Explore how men's work can help men live more authentically and continue to serve towards the needs of their community.

Workshop Description