Graedon Parker

New Zealand

Graedon Parker is an Internationally award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur, & Plant-based Lifestyle Advocate based in Auckland, Aotearoa. Evident in his work is a deep sense of kinship between humans and the natural world, standing strong in the Maori concept of 'Kaitiakitanga' - defining our roles as protectors, guardians, and custodians of the environment. His creative leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of co-founded enterprise/social movement - Organic Mechanic which has grown to become a leader in the health & wellness collective in New Zealand.

Workshop Description

Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata

When the land is well, the people will be well.

Building on the lifelong work of Rongoā Māori practitioner Rob McGowan (Pa Ropata), join Graedon for an interactive workshop covering the burgeoning Tiwaiwaka Movement – a set of principles and ideas to give us hope for the regeneration of our environment and the survival of generations to follow us.

There is a new (and ancient) awareness, that Papatūānuku (Earth) is our living breathing Mother, and all of the creatures, plants and trees that inhabit this planet are our brothers and sisters. We are the Pōtiki (last born) and being part of that interconnected family, we must care for them.

2020 is a time of listening, listening to hear, and hearing to take action. This workshop is the beginning of the journey, connecting to the Whenua, introducing participants to the world of Rongoā Māori, and the 6 Tiwaiwaka principles as a way to move forward in true Kotahitanga (unification).

Workshop Description