Hari Bans Angell Kaur

New Zealand

Hari Bans Angell Kaur lives in the Far North of New Zealand with her husband and two children. She trained in Kundalini yoga in 2008 and was then drawn to Shakti Dance in 2009 whilst pregnant with her daughter. She has taught various classes and workshops in Europe and New Zealand since then in both Kundalini yoga and Shakti Dance.

Workshop Description

Shakti Dance was created by Sara Avtar Olivier. It is a complete practice which uses the pranic force, the maha shakti to open up energy channels, relieving the body of tension so that its true nature can be expressed more authentically. It expands consciousness, brings us to a meditative state and allows us to feel into the subtle flows of energy within. It combines flowing asanas, aerobic movement, free dance, relaxation and always ends with a celestial communication or a mantric choreography (moving meditation).

Workshop Description