Holistic Lifestyle Principles To Support Your Inner Healer

north island
north island
Jason Marinovich teaches holistic health and healing and hosts the weekly radio show Your Health Your Choice on 98.1FM Irirangi o Whāingaroa. He specialises in gut health and lifestyle management and uses a holistic framework based on ancestral and functional health principles.

Jason advocates for integrating ancestral/natural therapies with modern healing technologies. With these healing modalities combined, you can better support your body’s own innate intelligence and healing abilities.
Workshop Description
Learn natural ways to heal and discover what it means to have balance physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Conventional medicine focuses on treating surface-level symptoms, whereas, holistic medicine focuses on the underlying root cause of disease and these principles provide a holistic approach that achieves far greater levels of success when it comes to preventing and overcoming a healing crisis.

What you will get out of this workshop:
* Innerstand the impact your external world has on your inner being
* Identify 7 Holistic Lifestyle Principles necessary for health and healing
* Discover practical tips and simple actions you can take to shift your health in a more vibrant direction
Workshop Description