James Crompton

New Zealand

James Crompton grew up on mindfulness in School of Philosophy from the age of 4. He later traversed his own path through the Ishaya's Ascension, now called The Bright Path, to Reiki and Reiki Tummo, to Reconnective Healing, QiGong and Ho'oponopono. He is also a poet/actor and musician and been involved in many movement meditations from Five Rhythms to Contact Improv to more recently Biodanza. He has learnt a lot along the way and has come to share what he can with you, for you to take whatever you might find helpful on your journey.

Workshop Description

Dr Len Hew healed an entire mental hospital full of clinically insane people without even talking to most of them through using the Ho'oponopono phrases. Ho'ooponopono is about taking responsibility for anything you find wrong with the world by cleaning up the memory data banks that get in the way of you and inspiration. The phrases have many practical applications to all aspects of life. Body issues, abundance issues, family issues, self love. You name it, it can be helped with Ho'oponopono. This will get you on the way to developing a relationship with the phrases and what they mean. I am a certified Hooponopono Practitioner.

Workshop Description