Javier Ugas


Originally from Chile, Javier is an outdoor instructor, yoga teacher, landscaper, father, man and family advocate who has made NZ home since 2007. He is passionate about nature, self enquiry and personal growth and willing to always learn from everyone and everything. Currently based in the majestical southern alps of NZ where he has found everything he needs to be inspired.

Workshop Description

An increasing number of families are becoming “broken homes”, this alone is enough reason for Javier and Connie to jump on stage to share their experience. They embody and represent and iconic example of loving support that ex-partners and co-parents can experience once they change their mindset and work together towards peace and union, and how this has a positive impact on children and future relationships. Join our epic family as we share our 15 year journey of evolution from pain to unconditional love and learn some practical tools that effectively worked for us over the years.

Workshop Description