Jesse Wynyard

New Zealand
Workshop Description

Breathe, Dance, Heal and Manifest in this Alchemical Quest of full body health activation.

Enter into a dimension created by ancient tribal sounds and futuristic electronic frequencies guided by Jesse Wynyard and the Warriors of Light.

Journey into a world that fuses the past and future into the present moment.

Awaken the deep knowledge of the mind, body and spirit while experiencing powerful shamanic healing energy of the elements move through every cell of your being.

Invoke the movement of the ancients while stepping into the embodiment of your highest self.

Deactivate negative codes from your body, clear your energy field and download powerful light codes that will bring you into full alignment with your life purpose and soul mission.

Use the power of your breath and movement to release stress and anxiety while increasing serotonin and releasing dopamine creating a heightened state of euphoria without the need of any external substances, drugs or alcohol.

Ascend into a kaleidoscope of inner and outer dimensional release for a full system reset and an empowering mental, physical and spiritual activation unlike anything that you have ever experienced before.

CREATE the frequencies of PEACE, JOY and LOVE within yourself so that you can create a ripple of effect within the collective consciousness of humanity so that we can heal and transform the world.

Workshop Description