New Zealand

Jogyata has been teaching free courses in meditation for over 30 years, and is a longtime student/disciple of the late spiritual master Sri Chinmoy. Jogyata has authored three books about the spiritual life, founded the Hour of Peace workplace meditation program for Auckland companies, and co-founded the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which offers some 20 fitness events/ road races around NZ each year. His courses offer a wide overview of the many aspects of meditation and also introduce some of the deeper secrets of meditation for those wanting to make meditation an ongoing part of their lives

Workshop Description

Beyond mind and mindfulness, beyond thought and thinking, what self-discoveries await us? This session widens our understanding of meditation and looks at 1) The four principal branches of yoga ('yoga' means union with soul and God); hatha, bhakti, karma, jnana – and how to find your own spiritual path. A bhakti yoga exercise 2) Secrets of Meditation - covering the lesser known aspects that can deepen our practise and understanding.

Workshop Description