Julia Gohlke

New Zealand

In February 2016 Julia’s son Simon was born premature and 5 days later died in her arms. She started a journey to heal her heart and discovered tools and practices that helped her to transform herself and her life, to make peace with her loss and to feel happy again. Now, Julia supports women who also have lost their baby during their pregnancy or after birth, no matter if a few days or years ago. She helps them to heal their heart, find peace and create a future to look forward to, knowing they are strong and powerful.

Workshop Description

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in baby loss, but we rarely talk about it. However, we’ve lost someone, who we’ve loved from the moment we knew we were pregnant or sometimes even before. This human being was a part of our life and our future and now we experienced loss and our grief often lies hidden in our hearts and we have questions that no one talks about. Questions about intimacy, rituals, emotions, time, past and future. This workshop will hold the space for judgment-free conversation, silence, all kinds of emotions, tears and human connection. We’re ending with a beautiful healing meditation that will allow us to feel love and peace and release what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Workshop Description