Juliette McConachy

New Zealand

Juliette McConachy is certified Embodied Flow™ facilitator and trainer, and the founding director of Awakening Arts - School of yoga and somatic therapies.

Juliette teaches embodiment through deep ecology, somatic coaching, meditation, freeform movement, yoga, dance and body-work.

Workshop Description

Through the innermost architecture of our bones an ache to remember our belonging resounds. The timbre in our deep tempo pulses a request to know safety, to be held, supported and met. 

It is in these inmost structures that we also find a living elixir of the felt recollection that we are the very support and belonging we yearn toward.

Come to know your bones as the family tree that maps you back to the sea, and find your belonging weaving you into the intricate web of all life.

By resourcing the intelligent frame work of our bones, not as ridged scaffolding but as the living - listening - liquid life they are, we are able to find greater stability and ease in our movements. Support proceeds all movement and freedom.