K-Qigong Meditation

north island
north island
This is a Korean Qigong meditation based on Brain Education.
Brain Education is a training that leads us to find the value of the brain and the value of being human.
It is an education that shows one the trajectory of one's life and completes one's values.
This is character recovery, and it guides you in a way where everyone can live happily.

We are all connected. You will find out that you are one. We are all one.
Workshop Description
True healing starts with connecting your mind and body. You will learn to be present, focused, centred and find your full potential from within. The K-Qigong Meditation will teach you how to become master of your own body, mind and spirit
Workshop Description
Energy is sound, vibration and light. Through music, sound, and light, we can open our own body, and through this we become connected with the cosmic energy. Then we will feel true freedom and meet the true Self. Through this, we learn the value of human beings.