Kara Leah

New Zealand

Kara-Leah has been working with people in a transformational capacity since 2006. She works with powerful tantric-based techniques and tools that support the devouring, digesting and dissolving the childhood trauma, patterns and wounds that can continue to cause suffering in adult life. She has a knack for identifying and installing limiting beliefs, and seeing where people are emotionally stuck. She also supports students and clients in the process of awakening to what is, right now, and accessing the innate joy of being.

Workshop Description

Join us for a journey to stop the blame, shame and bitching that can happen between women, consciously or not. Kara-Leah and Connie will explore conditioning, generational trauma, personal experiences, expectation and obsolete ways in which society ask us to behave and then we will destroy it all with grace, strength and joy a journey into the heart of the free, wild women that we all are. This is a powerful opportunity to transform negative patterns related to other women into inspiration and connection. Be vulnerable, be honest, be real, be you! We’ve got you and support you for who you are truly.

Workshop Description