Katerina and Lucy

New Zealand

Bridging hearts to the purity and magic of Cacao, Lucy has been facilitating Cacao Ceremony for over 3 years, with thousands of cups of cacao shared. Now, with Cacao Keeper, she shares a single-origin cacao sourced from Peru, direct from the farmer. This is the evolution of Cacao, changing the way cacao is handled on an individual and collective level.

Katerina weaves her devotion of self-inquiry and sensuality with the medicine of cacao, intuitive movement and sound to create ceremonial spaces. She is a certified yoga facilitator and womens’ retreat leader. Originally from Auckland, Katerina has been space holding since 2014 and uses her own experience of self-healing and discovery to offer guidance for others to remember their inner medicine.

Workshop Description

Gather as we share, in circle, the medicine of cacao, movement and sound with the intention of co-creating a nourishing and introspective space. Cacao gently guides awareness to the centre of the heart and offers a deeply embodied experience. Once tuned inward we expand back out through intuitive movement to then integrate with the harmonic sounds of shamanic drumming and crystal bowls. A ceremony to fully re-enliven and re-remember. The cacao used for this ceremony is from the sacred lands of Peru, ethically sourced by Lucy Brooking, founder of Cacao Keeper.

Workshop Description