Kayla Anderson

Kayla Anderson is a Self Love Expert, sharing the medicine of love with women around the world through her online programs, global retreats and in-person self-love experiences

Workshop Description

A Mayan legend tells of cacao coming from the rainforest to remind us of our sacred hearts, allowing us to return to a state of harmony once more. Together in circle, we will use the sacred medicine of Cacao to ground deep into mother earth, to be reminded just how loved, held and abundant we are. From here, we embark on a heart connection journey to embody our true nature, love.This is for the woman who is ready to break free from the doubts and conditioning that has told her she is not enough in this world. This is for the woman who is ready to activate and remember the infinite potential that resides within her heart so she can feel a deep love for all that she is and share her magic with all those who cross her path.

Workshop Description

A guided journey in coming home to your heart, calling back in and accepting each part of you so that you can remember your most confident self. We will use the power of the brain to activate and anchor deep states of love and confidence within your body so that you can come back to, and tap into these feelings at anytime moving forward.