Keith + Joni Bee


Keith Motes is a quantum physicist (PhD) from Louisiana, USA and Yoga teacher of both Indian and Taoist-Chinese styles. Keith founded the Shaking Medicine Foundation. He teaches various forms of Yogic arts from asana, qigong, pranayama, kriya, neidan, meditation, acro yoga, therapeutic tremoring and more.

Workshop Description

Shake ‘n Groove is an exploration of Shaking Medicine and Groove Dance weaved together with a stunning soundscape facilitated by the conscious loving couple Joni Bee, NZ and Keith Motes, USA.

Shaking Medicine arises from a forgotten instinctive intelligence within us all.  It guides us into therapeutic tremoring that stems from our nervous system.  It encourages even deeper states of relaxation and release the way the mammals in nature do.

Groove Dance encourages organic movement through rhythm and sound, invites us to use different ranges of motion to explore our intuitive expression in ways many of us would not ordinarily do.  There’s the age old saying of “move it or lose it.”

Workshop Description