Leo Murray

New Zealand

Growing up sailing across oceans and traversing overland, Leo has seen the world through the lens of many different cultures. A university degree revealed the multi-faceted range of problems we face on earth, however this formal education presented few solutions. Fighting the uphill battle of social and political activism, Leo's frustration with the species paired with a deep appreciation for the natural world revealed a more fulfilling form of advocacy; Permaculture. With nature as his teacher, Leo's active role as a changemaker and thought leader in Aotearoa has led to a number of presentations and publications. From behaviour change to alternative architecture, event management to direct action activism, waste minimisation to alternatives to the banking system. Seeking to help create a better design to the current system, Leo now works as a sustainability consultant in Mount Maunganui, NZ.

Workshop Description

Reconnect with your personal, interpersonal and ecological self through interbeing. Join activist and changemaker Leo Murray in redefining our relationship with mother nature into 'lover nature'. Sense into a more beautiful world our heart knows is possible, discover the paths and currents to make it come alive.

Workshop Description