Mama Mihirangi & The Mareikura

New Zealand

From Aotearoa (NZ) a production of indigenous earthy feminine power and inspiring cultural identity. Māori world roots, music & dance with live loops, expressive emotional traditional and contemporary dance and instruments with spiritual beats & deep bas

Workshop Description

In 2017, 200 Indigenous Chiefs, Shamans, Leaders & Peoples from all around the world gathered in Brazil at the 1st Great Assembly of the Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians with 30 Amazonian Chiefs and their tribes. Together they wrote The Rights of Mother Earth - a declaration that calls to the global States and humanity for the preservation of life on the planet and future generations. It acknowledges that Mother Earth is an entity which has fundamental rights and that we must evolve towards a paradigm which grants equal rights to Nature and honours the interrelationships between all life forms and the preservation of Mother Earth. Māmā Mihirangi is on the AMNG’s Executive Committee, who has been dedicated to addressing the World Governments, the United Nations and the International Community to take up Mother Earth as an entity with fundamenta

Workshop Description