New Zealand

Marie-Lisa is a queer French/German psychology and sexology researcher and community activist. Being a Millennial, her work focuses on reversing the isolation created by the instant and continuous connectivity myth of the social media age by hosting workshops on social skills and conscious connections. Tackling common misconceptions around stranger danger, comfort zones and loneliness, Marie-Lisa’s workshops combine the latest research findings with ancient rituals for a holistic approach to reconnect humans to their fundamentally social nature.

Workshop Description

The workshop where new friendships are made.

This is a hands-on workshop where strangers will eventually be paired up in random small groups with no other purpose but to get to know each other better. The key to forming close relationships is sustained, escalating, reciprocal and personal self-disclosure. During this workshop I will first share information on the social human nature, how friendships develop and how they are maintained. Tips and tricks on social skills and social cues will be discussed and time will be given for self-reflection on the topic. Once in groups, workshop participants will be introduced to a quick yet efficient set of questions that fosters self-discovery and -disclosure, acting as an ice-breaker to allow others into their lives. New and meaningful connections to other attendees are guaranteed for all learners going through this workshop.

Workshop Description