Martin Gebhardt


Martin has an inherit fascination for how the body and mind continuum works. Paired with a limitless curiosity he studies, teaches and discovers new ways of working with the body & mind. He is passionate about giving and creating, and found his creative outlet in teaching various forms of movement based classes (breakdance, yoga, somatics, functional exercise, acrobatics, contact improv and qi gong)

Martin has qualifications in sport science, yoga, massage and holistic movement therapy. He has been teaching and practicing both in Germany and abroad for the past six years. Martin is a fun and professional teacher who creates a safe space for you to explore your body and mind.

Workshop Description

What does it mean to feel alive, to be at home within your own body?

The answer: to trust that your experience, at any given moment, is right and that there is nothing to fix.

Realising this was one of the most profound experiences I have had during my years studying movement, therapy, yoga and somatic practices. Once we stop looking for solutions outside of ourselves, for a quick fix, a hit off the pleasure pipe, we realise everything is there. Through embracing this truth and truly listening to our bodies, we can navigate through life with more ease and get the support or guidance we really need.

You already have all the answers. So, why come to this workshop?

Often times due to the many distractions of modern life, it becomes hard to access this internal wisdom. I wish to invite you to a holistic somatic movement practice designed to facilitate an experience of feeling home in your body. Through this practice you will be supported to connect body, mind, and heart to process what you need in any given moment. The key lies in simplicity. Come and get a taste of the beautiful world of holistic somatic movement. Come HOME.

Workshop Description