Nikki Sunbeam

New Zealand

Nikki Wimsett is  a' Creative Natural Therapist'.

Nikki has over 35 yrs experience as an Alternative Therapist.

She is fully qualified in many modalities,including Therapeutic Massage

Acutonics and Sound Healing (tuning forks and Crystal Singing bowls) PSYCH~K a type of Kinesiology ,clearing limiting Beliefs & re~programming a Coherent Brain to cement the new belief.

Workshop Description

Our Intention is to connect to our Hearts Loving  frequency together( IN 432hz Creation Vibration ) creating a unified field of Love, assisted by a  conscious breathing technique.

Sound is a powerful way to help us do this  ,it allows us to re~ calibrate our brainwaves and lifts our vibration.

Using our own sacred sounds and those of various instruments ,you will be led on a journey

through the 7 main Chakras. using our positively  directed attention to  energize and activate these Energy wheels so our Chi can flow harmoniously within the body,

This is is an interactive workshop as we all use our voices together

Workshop Description