Rache Moore


Rache Moore is a ceremonialist, event designer and producer of ecstatic, evolutionary experiences. She teaches Five Element Form and Elemental Alchemy, sharing tools for personal empowerment and revealing the transformational within nature and the healing potency of the heart and self-love. In 2012 Rache founded Rainbow Tribe, a creative platform for people to honour the cycles and seasons of nature as the ancients once did, in ceremony and celebration. She presents to audiences around the world at festivals, conferences and retreats and nurtures the global Rainbow Tribe community through online engagement and courses.

Workshop Description

Join ceremonialist Rache Moore for an exploration into the magic woven through nature. This workshop is designed for you to connect more deeply to natural beauty in your own way, awakening your innate wisdom by embodying certain qualities within each element. Learn about the hidden power of the elements that also resides within yourself. Weaving earth wisdom with natural law we explore how the elements can help cultivate your intuitive abilities to grow and flow through life.

Developing a relationship with the elements supports spiritual awakening by expanding our perception of who we are, opening new pathways for us to walk our path with harmony, clarity and confidence.

By practicing rituals and meditations to connect with the five elements we can find guidance, clarity, acceptance and develop the greatest gift of all - unconditional self love. When we welcome the elements as teachers, we become alchemists, invoking their energetic support and observing their behaviour to awaken, inspire, transform and ground us.

Workshop Description