Ramya Jade


Heart-centred, impassioned, intuitive. Since 2007, Ramya Jade has been a Leading Teacher in Feminine Empowerment & Sexuality to 1000+ Women and Men. Jade is the founder of sensual awakening movement Divine Play, & facilitator of Dancing Eros. She specialises in emotional & relational intimacy, sacred sensuality/sexuality, & embodiment healing, offering workshop series, and one on one Sensual Embodiment Packages for women. Jade has presented at Seven Sisters, Eros Festival, Lost Paradise, Dream It Real, Sensual Temple, and more, growing a strong active community around her along the way. People feel Jade’s nurturing, emotional depth and passionate humanness— deepened from many years of working through her own personal journey and an ongoing commitment to a healthy relationship with herself and her long- term partner. Jade’s greatest joy? Taking part in and being witness to people remembering their power, feeling their innate beauty, and coming home to their heart and sacred sexuality.

Workshop Description

A powerful Women’s only workshop designed specifically to support women to deepen their sensuality & liberate their wholehearted pleasure potential Join us for this luscious body loving, heart opening, exploration into your most wholesome sensually activated self. Throughout this workshop you will gain a deeper connection to your body through embodiment tools, somatic practices & sensual activation. Learn how embracing all of yourself in all our shades, flavours can radically transform your life.


​A workshop for both couples and singles. We will be exploring how our presence, breath, and life force energy (sexual energy) can help us to connect more deeply with ourselves, our lovers and our friends. Using simple and powerful, mind, breath and intimacy exercises we will learn how to connect from our hearts and enjoy a deeper sense of authenticity, understanding and compassion with each other.

We welcome all genders and sexual preferences, in this safe & exploratory space.

Workshop Description