Sound Journey

north island
north island
Sika is a Sound Artist based in the South Island of New Zealand. He is dedicated to creating music and sound experiences that enhance our spiritual and human relationship with nature.

The didgeridoo and drum form an important foundation for his music, however he also uses his voice, orchestral and electronic elements. Pushing the limits of this musical genre, his live events and studio recordings open our hearts to truly listen.
Workshop Description
Earth Music that weaves a web of legends, mysteries and Gods.
Featuring didgeridoos, hoop drum, Taos drum, flutes, shells, stones, leaves, voice and orchestral elements.

Giving voice to wood, skin, bone, stone and shell, soundscapes that enable us to enter the trance. Hypnotic drones and layers of sound with rhythms that touch your heart.
This powerful experience is like a soundtrack that is crafted to go with your life movie.

Celebrate Autumn with a Journey on the waves of sound played live by Sika, morphed and mixed to carry us into worlds within worlds

An epic adventure deep inside yourself to lands that only exist in magical realms.
This Sound Journey begins and ends with a short guided visualisation to set the scene.

At this potent time, what's coming through you? What do you need to call forth? What is your heart's longing?

The primordial sound of the didgeridoo transports people into ancient landscapes and ancestral memories. Travel beyond time and space, see visions and gain valuable insights.
Sika creates a safe space to relax deeply and connect with our inner guidance.

Workshop Description