Sarah Menlove

New Zealand

Sarah is a certified holistic health and mastery level transformation coach and reiki practitioner. She specializes in intuitive eating and body image, helping women from all walks of life break free from body shame, restrictive eating, guilt and negative self talk so they can find freedom in their bodies and their lives. 

Sarah is a former personal trainer and NZ rep triathlete who went through her own struggles with body image, injury and orthorexia which lead her to do her own healing work and coaching studies, that incorporate principles of intuitive eating, health at every size, energy work and transformational coaching so that she can support her clients.

Workshop Description

Are you constantly judging your body or feeling guilty for the food you eat, leading to shame guilt, punishment and negative self talk?

This workshop will provide the tools and embodied experience to allow you to break free from the cycle of dieting, body shame and punishment so you can reclaim your worth from your body and reconnect with the core of who you are, allowing you to live the life that you desire with self compassion and unconditional self love.

Together we will be exploring the concepts of intuitive eating, body acceptance and unpacking the beliefs you may be carrying that are preventing you from having the most loving and accepting relationship with your body right now. Sarah will share tools and techniques she uses in her private coaching practice to help you reclaim your worth from your body and reconnect with your internal self worth.

Workshop Description