Sarah Spence

Sarah is a singer and yoga teacher who has shared kirtan and dream workshops in NZ and internationally. Entering into the world of symbology through dreams and dream yoga has assisted many. Musically, her yoga background and Medicine Woman studies in NZ Shamanism have let her voice soar with even more freedom touching listeners of all ages .

Workshop Description

What’s in a dream? Delve into your own symbology of dreams, learning about what they mean to you personally rather than defined by someone else's dream dictionary.This session will use practical tools that you can take away to help you interpret dreams and visions, or even life situations. Many find this dream method invaluable and gain much wisdom about themselves and the practical application to their lives.

Workshop Description

Sing your heart open with sacred mantras and songs in the yogic tradition of kirtan (joyful chanting). This session will serve singers and non-singers alike through the practice of opening the heart using voice with simple phrases. Join us to experience for yourself the calm and happiness that kirtan can bring to your being.